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4.3  The Babel text (Genesis 11:1-9)

1 Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.
Káhat-ninóttor at póblese astán-mo tálmit-ja agói-nójo.
world=ext.loc-top  one  speech-and  common.state=gen  word=gpl-extr=nom.stat  existence<pst>=stat

2 As men moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there.
Amméda-war paruϕjómne-nógma ganénze, Sχínar-nótto hammebjó-nu hloϕrénze smultwínen-zdróχsuin.
pl-human-nom.act  east-all  go-iccl,  Shinar-loc  plain-acc  find-iccl<pst>

3 They said to each other, ”Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.”
Al ganίire, kjubetámi-nu saragonénze apéa-méza papsίire-la juttápluin.
quot  go-coh,  brick-gpl=acc  caus-existence-iccl  good.state=mut  bake=coh=quot  irecp-say<pst>

They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar.
Kjubetámi-zor dáχχa-nu pinimpái-mésse, kax-azór pelθármi-nu pinimpái-méza dwógruin.
brick-gpl=inst-top  stone-substance-acc  use-neg-state<pst>=mut-and,  tar=inst-top  building.grain-gpl=acc  use-neg-state<pst>=mut  work<pst>

4 Then they said, ”Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”
Θerpámon, al ganίire, ézra-ma tal-nu saragonénze, káhat-mo péχu-ninótto zdrosulimpá-mélze
then  quot  go-coh,  we=dat  name=acc  caus-existence-iccl,  earth=gen  horizontal.surface-ext.loc

bámne-ninógma parúzba-ja agó-nóimo pelestámi-nu sarpelίire-la tápluin.
sky=ext.all  tower=nom.stat  existence-stat-gen  roof-gpl=acc  caus-building-coh=quot  say<pst>

5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building.
Ána Pruχsemendá-ewar sarpelussendίi-nójo pelestámise parúzba-nu ginendéo-mére spirússuin.
but  lord-nom.act-top  caus-building-pass-cmpd-state<pst>  roof-gpl-and tower-acc  see-cmpd-state<fut>=dst<pst>

6 The Lord said, ”If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.
Al eϕémis-mo tálmit-mo agmédamai-nójo sιdéremuin angá, térmo amméda-mo degúsmit-nímo multá-ja idéχse-nιun ilgá.
quot  rlsc-similarity-eqt  word-gpl-extr=gen  one-human-coll=stat<pst>  if,  that-gen  pl-human=gen  action-shape-gpl-extr=prtt  nothing-nom.stat  impossible.state=potential.stat  then

7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”
Ganίire, spirusénze térmo tálmit-nu togimpá-mére sarϕeolίire-la Pruχsemendá-ewár tápluin.
go-coh,  that-gen  word-gpl-extr=acc  understand-neg-state=dst  caus-similarity-mol-coh=quot  lord=nom.act-top say<pst>

8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.
Θerpézan, Pruχsemendá-ewár θérmo amméda-nu káhat-ninótto saldrússuluin assé, pelestámi-nu sarpéllen-smuldίirun.
thereby,  lord=nom.act-top  that-gen  pl-human=acc  world-ext-loc  caus-coherence-mol-vr<pst>  cjprt,  roof-gpl=acc  caus-building-cmpd-stop<pst>

9 That is why it was called Babel – because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world.
Pruχsemendá-ewár káhat-ninótto-mo tálmit-nu sarϕéoluin kimmeká, θertá ané Bábel-lámo ta.
lord=nom.act-top  world-ext-loc=gen  word-gpl-extr=acc  caus-similarity--mol-vr<pst>  because,  that  cop  Babel=thm-gen  count.noun

From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.
Θérmo amméda-nur Pruχsemendá-wa θérχwe-nógno káhat-ninótto dirógnet-mére saldrússuluin.
That-gen  pl-human-acc  lord=nom.act  that-place=abl  world-ext-loc  irreversibility-int-extr=dst  caus-coherence-mol-vr<pst>

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