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3.4  Parts of the body

3.4.1  List of words

3.4.2  Senses

Talmit distinguishes only three senses. Two of them share a thematic initial g-:

However, there is also the word gwímrun which lexcially combines ’see and hear’. It is often used in the sense ’to meet’. The corresponding sense – ’sense of sight and hearing’ just means ’attention’:

’Taste’ can be expressed by tlirχézlun ’feel with tongue’ (tlir ’tongue’, tliraχézle ’good taste’, tlirιχézle ’bad taste’), although simply hézlun is enough. The word used for ’smell’ is ϕawínun ’inhale’. Therefore, the expression aχál-mo ϕnipnósse iχál-mo hézιl can equally mean ’the smell of life and the taste of death’ as well as ’the air of life and the touch of death’.

In addition, it is possible to form associated words from the parts of the body (3.4.1) to derive volitional sensorial actions:

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