I·blados malen umboth·vai,
Iorendel amvenn rhostathog.
Am glavaithenniog no·dai,
I·Vlador rheidianniog.

I·ngailir glethrefir i·himp
Ar ladwen lhuaint i·alf nimp.

Interlinear translation:

'the surf wan [was] twilight-clad
Earendel uphill rise-3M.PAST
up blaze-3M.AOR to-sky
the-World let.go-3M.AOR

the star-PL polish-PAST-3PL the-jewel
and sunshine wash-3.AOR the swan pale

Free translation:

'The wan surf was clad in twilight
As Earendel was rising up.
He blazed upwards into the sky
And left the world behind.

His jewel was polished by stars,
A pale swan bathing in sunshine.'


Here is an audio recording of the poem (mp3, 245kB).


Telingail 'sign of heaven' (PE13:123), apparently a compound of #telin 'sky, heaven' and gail 'sign, token, heavenly body' or simply 'star'
Iorendel - an adaptation of Q. Eärendel, see Gn. Iarendel, Iorendel (GL:51) beside Ioringli
*rhostathog 'was-rising-he' < rhosta *'to rise up' (PE13:159) + 3rd masc. pa.t. -(a)thog
*glavaithenniog 'blazed-he' < glavaitha 'to blaze' (PE13:162) + 3rd masc. aor. -(e)nn-iog and i-mutation
*no·dai 'to the sky' < dai 'sky' (PE13:141), cf. no·duilen 'to a swallow' with hard mutation (PE13:120)
*rheidianniog 'let-go-he' < rhoid 'to let go', 3rd sg. aor. rheidian(t) + masc. suffix -iog
*glethrefir 'were-polishing-they' < glathra 'to polish' (PE13:126), pa.t. *glathraf + 3rd pl. -ir dissimilated from *glathrath
*ladwen - liquid mutation of gladwen 'sunshine' (PE13:144) after ar; cf. nîr ar thîr 'hero and king' (PE13:164), tír 'king' (PE13:154)
lhuaint 'washed-it', 3rd aorist of lhui 'to wash' (PE13:132)
nimp - here assumed in the sense 'pale, wan', Q. ninqe (PE13:164) rather than 'wan, sickly' (PE13:151)