Han nartho!

I vên dolthanthen min fuin 'lûn,
Ú-dirion i vên na Ndûn.
Mas i thiliad in elin,
Brass e-geleb maeg i melin?

Thi dirgenui i ngildin faen,
A Menel pên i mîr a maen.
Silef úgal, morn i geleb
Adel esgal dûr a deleb.

A Elbereth, dadantho naur,
Han nartho, nartho aglar iaur!
Nan narthan hirithon i dê,
A rhadathon pen-drast na-le!


The way is hidden in
between the blue night,
I do not see the way into the West.
Where is the glistering of stars,
The white heat of piercing silver which I love?

The white stars are hard to see now
And the sky lacks its gems and treasures.
The white crystal is not shining, the silver is black
Behind the dark and horrible veil.

Oh Elbereth, return the fire,
Kindle it, kindle the ancient glory!
With a beacon I shall find the path,
And I will make my way without worries towards you!


This poem is written in the classical Sindarin iambic tetrameter; every line ending in an unstressed syllable starts off with a stressed one.
Note the alliterations in the lines 4, 6 and 8.


*mas 'where' < CE *ma-ssē (Q. massë)
*dirgenui 'difficult to see' < dir- (PE17:154) + KEN + -ui
*hirithon < *hir- 'to find' (< *KHIR; Q. hir-)
*dadantho < *dadantha- 'give back, return' < dad-, anha 'give' (PE17:93) here spelled antha
*pen-drast 'untroubled' < pen-, *trast 'trouble' < TARAS-, cf. trasta- 'to harass, trouble'