Lusta malle

Morna vilya,
Lusta malle -
Manómenna tultuvalyen?
Orni halle -
Tie forya, tie hyarya.

Lelyan voro,
Lá nan·kenin.
Voro menin.

Kéva hwesta,
Malwe kalmar -
Níke nildor i Aryanten.
Kumna hresta,
Linde falmar -
Manómenna yaluvanten?


Black air,
An empty street -
Whither will you bring me?
A twinkling star,
High trees -
A right way, a left way.

I keep going
Without looking back.
I keep going.

A fresh breeze,
Pale lights -
Little friends for the Daygiver.
An empty shore,
Tuneful waves -
Whither will they call me?


*manómenna 'whither', lit. 'what-place-to' - on basis of sínome 'in this place' (VT44:36)
*tintingilya - tingilya 'a twinkling star' (Etym:TIN-) with reduplication