Lipte läläntila

Au tataara Telumello
Luunelipten lantaneere,
Pen i·väiäli perella
Sinkvipindon sillieere.

Tinwelin tinkveetan kvildo,
Sil lombeero lumbölissen:
Varkva nällä vanesseldo
Yä kveljeere veälissen.


From the high heaven
A blue drop fell down,
Piercing through the skies
It shone like a little jewel.

The stars melted silently
And the Moon hid within the clouds:
They were afraid of this beauty
Which perished in the seas.


The Finnish-like transcription of the text is made according to one of the Oilima Markirya versions (OM1e, PE16:72), even though it makes no sense whatsoever.

Also check out the Valmaric inscription (Valmaric was the Qenya script of the 20s, predecessor of the Tengwar).


au 'away from' (QL:33)
*tatára - Q. tára 'lofty' (QL:87) with reduplicative augment
telume 'the vault of heaven' (PE16:75)
lúne 'blue' (ibid.)
lipte 'a tiny drop' (QL:54)
lant- 'drop, fall' (QL:51), 3rd sg. fem. past tense *lantanére (cf. falastanéro in Oilima Markirya)
pen 'through' (QL:73)
vaiya 'the upper air' (PE16:75), pl. vaiyali
'go through, pass, pierce' (QL:73) (one of the meanings), present participle *perella
*sinqipin 'little jewel' < sinqe 'jewel' (PE14:71) + diminutive ending -pin (QL:73), similative *sinqipindon
sili- 'gleam, glint' (QL:83), 3rd sg. fem. past tense *silliére (cf. kalliére in Oilima Markirya)
tinwe 'star' (QL:92), nom. pl. tinwelin
tiqi 'melt (intr.)', past tense tinqe, 3rd n. pl. *tinqétan
qilda 'quiet, hushed, still' (QL:78), adverb *qildo
Sil 'moon' (QL:83)
lomir 'I hide (tr.) lurk (intr.)', past tense lombe (QL:55), 3rd masc. sg. *lombéro
lumbo 'dark lowering cloud' (QL:57), inessive pl. lumbolissen
varqa 'in fear, afraid' (QL:102)
nalla *'being' (VT40:19)
vanesse 'beauty' (QL:99), ablative *vanesseldo (PE16:113)
ya - relative pronoun (PE14:54)
qele- 'perish, die, decay, fail', 3rd fem. past tense *qelyére (cf. the past tense suffixes -ye, -ie, -ne (PE14:56))
vea 'sea' (PE16:138), inessive pl. *vealissen