Blebir buin brethil baradh
Lathrim laeg, nin lúthiel,
Golas-galen, glawren-gadwor,
Lothrim laeb daglingiel.
Faena-findui, rovaed-rancui,
In orodrim orthorel.

Gawar gwaewath, pennar golvath,
Rovail remmin ribiel
Fim, finglassen a fain-rivren,
Lathro lammed liriel.
Lim a lhosseb, thand a thoreb,
Annin albeth óniel.

Thinna. Dûr a dofn i Delu,
Gelir gildin giriel.
Leithiennin lodar lassath,
Dartha danc nu Dor-menel.
Brethil brona, gwân a glosui,
In orodrim orthorel.

Literal translation:

Green leaves are flapping
On the high beech, having enchanted me,
A green foliage, bright and shapely,
Fresh blossoms hanging down.
Radiant-white, [having] skilful arms,
Ruling the mountains.

The winds are howling, the boughs are bending,
[Like] entangled flowing wings.
[She is] slender, having leaf-locks and [being] white-barked,
Listen to her melodious tongue.
[She is] bright and full of whisper, firm and secretive
Having given me blessings.

Evening comes. Dark and gloomy is the sky,
Trembling stars are shining.
Released the leaves are floating down,
She stands firmly under the High Heavens.
The birch lasts, fair and white like snow,
Ruling the mountains.


This is an attempt of a rather free translation of Tolkien's Gothic poem Bagme Bloma (look here for instance), keeping the rhythm, the participial rhymes and the alliterations of the original paying with the loss of a literal sense at many places.


*buin 'on the' < bo (VT44:21) + i(n)
*lathrim < lass 'leaf' + -rim
*lothrim < loth 'flower' + -rim
*dagling- 'hang down' < dad + gling-
*faena 'to emit light', Q. faina- (Etym:PHAY-)
*findui 'haired, having hair' (Etym:SPIN-)
*rancui 'armed, having arms' < ranc 'arm'
*finglassen 'leaf-locked' < Finglas 'Leaflock' (RC:386)
*lhosseb 'full of whisper' < lhoss (Etym:SLUS-) + -eb
*thoreb 'full of secrets' < THUR- + -eb
*gelir 3rd pl. of *gal- 'shine' as a separate verb (cf. PE17:153,169)
*Tor-menel - adapted Q. Tarmenel 'High Heaven' (LotRII ch.1, MR:388), cf. Ormenel 'Heaven's Day' (LotR App.D)