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4.2  A-affection

Adjectival endings like -imā or -(r)inā are found in many Elvish words. In Noldorin and Sindarin we see a shift i > e caused by final [7]. In the sources discussed three forms look like candidates for the lack of a-affection:

A-affection in isolated words is seen in:

Three names (if correctly analyzed) show forms with a-affection medially in a compound:

One name probably shows no a-affection medially:

With adjectives in such a position it probably depends on the time of compound formation – whether before or after the shift i > e. Thus Melthinorn *’Gold-tree’ (a name of Laurelin; SMAL-) beside N. malthen ’of gold’ is an ancient name from the First Age, whereas Calenardhon, Calenhir, Borthendor are regions named in the Third Age.

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