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2.61  Llawhen, {Amon Tirlaw, Lhawdir, Lasthen, Henlas}, Hendlas, Tirmindon, Larmindon

§ Llawhen, {Amon Tirlaw, Lhawdir, Lasthen, Henlas}, Hendlas (TI:387)
§ Tirmindon, Larmindon (TI:364)

The set of names in the first line is an agglomeration of experimental forms for what should later become Amon Lhaw and Amon Hen ’Hills of Hearing and of Sight’ (LotRII ch.9), but it was originally intended as one place. Apparently Tolkien toyed with the following elements:

He arranged them differently looking for the most suitable solution. All forms may all be easily translated:

Finally, Tirmindon and Larmindon are apparently Quenya versions of Amon Hen and Amon Lhaw with tir- + mindon ’tower’ (Silm.index) and las- + mindon (rhotacism s > r).

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